Club Matches

The Society runs some club matches, some of these matches require a day ticket, please book yourself onto these matches by contacting the Match Secretary via email supplying your name and contact details.

20/10/2019 – River Mole

17/11/2019 – Ockley Lakes

01/12/2019 – Christmas Match – The Macdonald Cup – Top Lake Reffolds Copse.

The Macdonald Cup is a fun match and ends in the local Public House with a small buffet/hot food provided by the Society. Please bring along a small gift/bottle wrapped in Xmas paper for exchange after the match.

The Macdonald Cup will be presented to the winner of this match in the pub.

08/12/2019 – Henfold Lake – Lake 2

12/01/2020 – Reffolds Bottom Lake

09/02/2020 – Guinea Lake (Charlie frost Lake)

15/03/1920 – Reffolds Top Lake