Christmas Match Sunday 4th December 2022

Dear Member,
The first I hope of emails from the Society.
Elvio, our Membership Secretary has complied a listing of everyone’s (well everyone who told him) email addresses, I’ve put them on to my computor so I can email you.
One of the things that I, personally have always enjoyed was the Society’s CHRISTMAS MATCH. I’ve been in the club since 1958, when I started as a junior member.
Since then I think I’ve only missed a handful, one was due to COVID, another as some daft Match Secretary decided to have it on Christmas Eve, the other one or two because I had to work.
Over the years I’ve won a few, the first when I was a junior and caught just two small dace from a swollen River Mole, another with a single 2lb chub and another with a 10oz jack pike, the chap in 2nd place took all day to wheedle out a couple of dozen tiny roach for 9ozs… those old days it so often didn’t take much to win.
In these times with super lakes at Reffolds, things are much, much better, double figure bags in December are not unusual. The top lake is up to it’s gunnels at the moment, they’re not all in the margins…..

Anyway, we’re going to have our Traditional Christmas Match.
Details as follows;
When:            Sunday 4th December.2022.
Where:           Reffolds Lakes, Newdigate. Probably Top Lake depends on entry.
Times:            Draw. 9.00am. Fishing From 10.00 until 2.00.
Conditions.    Please bring a wrapped gift for the” table “, the club will provide a First Prize and the “McDonalds Cup”.
                        There will be an “optional” pool, only for the serious/optimistic anglers amongst us. £10.00 each, paying first three.
Afterwards.   We’ve booked a room in the “Royal Oak”, just down the road from the fishery. We’ll have a buffet, vegetarians catered for. No need for sandwiches!

If you would like to fish the match, it’ll be a fun day anyway, everyone of whatever ability is very welcome. One of those big catfish, a couple of carp or a few “pasties” could win it.
Do let me know if you are coming, then I can tell the pub how many want lunch, and peg the lake(s) with the best spots to fish from.

Email on the above address or call me on either 01372 379155 or call or text on 07711 011050.
Look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes,

John Wood.
Assistant Match Sec.